Losing (The Princess’s Fire: Chapter 27)

The Desert Lady by AATKAW155AG

Izumi just finished the final draft of an arms supply agreement with the 54th division of the Earth Kingdom Army. The treaty of Yu Dao in 100AG ordered that the Fire Nation maintain an army of no more than 5 million active personnel and 20 million reserve personnel in times of peace. Their navy could maintain no more than 100 active vessels and their air force no more than 350 armored airships and 800 war balloons. It was because of the restrictions that the mechanists and engineers of the country were so driven to innovating new artillery to maintain the strength of the Fire Nation’s Continue reading

A Princess is Born (The Princess’s Fire: Chapter 26)

The Desert Lady by AATKAW149AG

“She’s weakening,” the new healer said working the water over the Princess’s swollen belly. Akira was gone.

“Izumi, Zumi! You must keep trying!” Mai said holding her daughter’s hand.

“I- can’t,” Izumi replied weakly, her grip on her parents’ hands, nonexistent.

“Bring Saru here!” Mai ordered one of the midwives.

“But- he is not family-” the midwife protested. “Per tradition-” Continue reading

Hisoki’s Return (The Princess’s Fire Chapter 25)

The Desert Lady by AATKAWSasuke, had a new sword, Rikuto had an Earthbending Master, Takeo was enjoying school, the twins had just begun firebending, and Masaru had his mother back. Everything felt… perfect. Izumi smiled as she emerged from the secret tunnel. She looked around quickly and then crossed the courtyard to the palace wearing her casual robes. She changed into something more presentable then headed for her office to see if her father had left anything else for her to do when she was intercepted by one of the palace messengers.

“Princess Izumi,” the messenger said bowing to her. He looked paler than a ghost when he turned his head up from the bow. Continue reading

Sokka’s Return (The Princess’s Fire: Chapter 24)

The Desert Lady by AATKAWTakeo and Rikuto were sparring in the courtyard with Toph’s “supervision”. Masaru was at work and Izumi got the day off from her father to help watch the twins.

“Rikuto! Remember what I told you! Everything stable is built on what?” Toph yelled at her young pupil.

“A foundation!” Rikuto replied. He stepped forward and slid a knife hand to the side, sliding Takeo’s front foot back into his back foot, narrowing his older brother’s stance, knocking him off balance, then punched the ground up knocking him over.

“I win!” Rikuto said jumping up in the air. Just then, Toph kicked up a stone and knocked the boy down effortlessly. Izumi almost protested, half standing, wanting so much to run to check on her baby, for Toph hit Rikuto far harder than Takeo ever did in sparring.

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Toph’s Return (The Princess’s Fire: Chapter 23)

The Desert Lady by AATKAW148AG

The shipping port was bustling with activity as the young family awaited the passenger steamer.

Masaru stood on the docks wearing his best suit with his two-year-old son Tatsuya in his arms beside his lover who carried the two-year-old’s identical twin brother, Tetsuya. Between them, ten-year-old Takeo stood holding hands with his eight-year-old brother Rikuto, and his six-year-old brother Sasuke as they waited anxiously for their grandmother to arrive.

Izumi wore a simple light pink dress that conveniently concealed her figure sculpted by thirty years of combat and etiquette training. She left her hair down for this meeting, and bore no Fire Nation insignias or decorations so she could hide her status as much as possible.

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Rikuto’s Discovery (The Princess’s Fire: Chapter 22)

The Desert Lady by AATKAW145AG
Izumi had never seen Iroh run down the secret tunnel that fast before to get to Masaru’s Estate. He had just finished an incredibly rare firebending lesson with his grandfather and couldn’t wait to share what he learned with his little brothers.

“KEYOO! KUTO! SAAAA-SUKE!” the eleven-year-old yelled as he flew up the steps and out the door into the main courtyard of the lavish estate.

“Iroh!” his little brothers cheered, rushing over to greet him.

“Guys, I have something to show you!” Iroh yelled. Continue reading

The Assassination Attempt (The Princess’s Fire: Chapter 12)

The Desert Lady by AATKAWOMFG, I was making a excel document to keep track of which characters appeared in which chapter (so I can update all the tags to reflect who appears in each chapter) and realized I literally forgot to post THREE WHOLE CHAPTERS between Chapter 9: “Coping” and Chapter 10: “Raising Hate”

So I am posting the missing ones now. This was supposed to be Chapter 12: The Assassination Attempt.

This is sooooooo embarrassing I guess that is what I get for writing so far ahead and then not posting until I forget what I have already done *cries*

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