The Coronation (The Princess’s Fire, Chapter 29)

The Desert Lady by AATKAW167AG

Izumi entered the hall and stopped exactly twenty feet short of the throne and got down on one knee and bowed her head. “You called for me, Father?”

“Everyone else except the Princess, leave,” Zuko ordered.

“Yes, my lord.” The guards all marched out leaving Izumi and Zuko alone.

“Izumi, rise,” Zuko ordered, his tone unreadable.

Izumi stood and looked up at the wall of red flames that shielded her father from view. Continue reading

One Big Happy Fire Family (Sketches)


Standing Left to Right: Rikuto, Tatsuya, Takeo, Iroh, Masaru, Izumi, Sasuke, Tetsuya, and Taemon. Sitting Left to Right: Ursa, Miyoko.

I tried to block the children by their personalities with the more fun-loving and playful ones on Masaru’s side of the photo and the more serious and mature ones on Izumi’s side of the photo. Tetsu and Tatsuya’s looks are both inspired by the purple Prince Lotor on Voltron: Legendary Defender and Sasuke’s style is based on Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter, and Colonel Tavington on the Patriot (both played by the brilliant Jason Isaacs) Takeo was given Zuko’s ponytail without the shave from Book 1, and Ursa was given the original Ursa’s hair. Rikuto is just a mess, Iroh is canon, and Taemon is supposed to look spiffy, I guess. Click to see pictures from the process–>

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One of the Fire Lord’s Greatest Secrets (Sketches)

IMG_9456Miyoko stands watching her mother return to her duties as Fire Lord, leaving her alone to traverse the Fire Nation Palace in the ventilation shafts. She wears a simple dress that heavily resembles a pillowcase with a hole cut out for her arms and head so that she doesn’t potentially ruin anything nicer. She herself looks more like the child of a kitchen wench and a butcher than the daughter of the Fire Lord.

Up until the age of ten, the girl never saw sunlight, or knew the smell of fresh air as she was always covered in dust, dirt and grime of the ventilation shafts that ran through the walls of the Palace. Click to see full image–> Continue reading

Illegitimacy (The Princess’s Fire: Chapter 28)

The Desert Lady by AATKAW157AG

Princess Izumi was already forty-three years old. She was supposedly stopped having children eight years ago, after Ursa was born. She did everything. She drank a special tea with milk of the poppy to STOP everything, and yet here they were, with her down on the birthing table, nearly dying, hopefully for the last time. Masaru couldn’t be there as he was all the way in Ba Sing Se on a business trip; he too thought he was done with helping in that field. She was on her own, with no choice but to keep going. He would never forgive her if she died before him. They had an agreement, that they’d see each other through every child’s adulthood, before kicking the bucket and giving in. Continue reading

Losing (The Princess’s Fire: Chapter 27)

The Desert Lady by AATKAW155AG

Izumi just finished the final draft of an arms supply agreement with the 54th division of the Earth Kingdom Army. The treaty of Yu Dao in 100AG ordered that the Fire Nation maintain an army of no more than 5 million active personnel and 20 million reserve personnel in times of peace. Their navy could maintain no more than 100 active vessels and their air force no more than 350 armored airships and 800 war balloons. It was because of the restrictions that the mechanists and engineers of the country were so driven to innovating new artillery to maintain the strength of the Fire Nation’s Continue reading